Translating Great Materials into Great Instruction

Quality materials can be a game-changer, but – ask any educator – it takes more than a box of books to support teaching and learning. If you are involved in the selection, launch, or support of a curriculum for your school or school system, this website is for you.

The Framework

Why did the same materials positively transform instruction in one system and cause heartburn in another? We set out to understand what the success stories had in common, and discovered a series of replicable leadership actions – a framework for effective implementation. Enter where you are and use what works. Each step has starter resources and notes to help your team avoid common pitfalls.


This workbook is designed to help a school or system leadership team work through the implementation process together. Assemble your team, print or download the workbook, find your starting point, and dig in together.


What Leaders are Saying

“The curriculum support guide is a game changer for district work. The depth of content along with the ease of use means that we really use this tool. We have a one-stop shop that can be utilized in any meeting, collaboration, or PLC to make sure that we are utilizing the right materials with the right instruction. Alignment is now at our fingertips.”

Dr. Norma Gerrell, Director of Schools, Paris Special School District, TN